I blame Barack Obama for Bill de Blasio’s constant lateness.

Said tardiness mentioned here: “In his short tenure in office Bill de Blasio has earned a new title, “Johnny come lately,” for his frequent tardiness at public events.”  Anyway: no, really, I do Barack Obama, and I’m not being facetious about it.  One of the first things we learned about the current Presidential administration is that when Barack Obama says that he’ll be speaking at, say, 1 PM, he actually means that he’ll start speaking at any number of points between about 1:15 and 1:40 or so.  It’s gotten to the point it worries me when Barack Obama starts on time: it invariably means that whatever has happened is not actually good news.

So I figure that Bill de Blasio has decided that if Barack Obama can get away with being rude to everybody, so can he.  This will probably end up being one of the poor career choices that Bill de Blasio will make as Mayor: the man is showing real skill at making enemies where he doesn’t have to.


4 thoughts on “I blame Barack Obama for Bill de Blasio’s constant lateness.”

  1. You could have stopped after the fourth word in the title, and anyone who knows you would have totally understood. 🙂

    1. Fair point, but I still gotta sit around and wait for the damn press conferences to actually start. It just keeps getting worse and worse, too. 🙂

    1. Seems like a reasonable use of time. Easier than providing a full justification which will lead to the same conclusion.

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