Green movement ready to go to war on Democrats over… natural gas?

(Via Hot Air Headlines) I know, I know.  This news makes you weep.

Not so long ago enviros endorsed natural gas as a cleaner alternative to coal or oil. Most limited themselves to calling for “better” industry practices, or to solely opposing exports. But as the gas rush has grown, threatening their solar-and-windmill nirvana, greens now openly decry drilling, chiding Mr. Obama for his “support for hydraulic fracturing” and calling on him to keep “our nation’s fossil fuel reserves in the ground.” The letter was signed by Bill McKibben, the director of the anti-Keystone outfit, as well as directors of nearly every major green shop in the country—the Sierra Club, the Center for Biological Diversity, CREDO and Earthjustice.

This new demand could not come at a more awkward time for the party. Under fire for ObamaCare and the economy, scores of vulnerable Democrats are rushing to natural gas and drilling as political safe harbors. Supporting fracking allows them to claim they are in favor of more jobs, cheaper energy and rising incomes. Supporting natural-gas exports allows them to look responsive to the Ukraine crisis, or at least more responsive than their unpopular president. It helps, too, that this puts them on the same page as the significant majority of Americans who support more drilling (and pipelines).

Never trust a religious fanatic whose theology is based on a) an apocalyptic vision for Creation and b) a not-very-suppressed desire to see that apocalypse inflicted on the heathen, is my motto. Although I should possibly be more gracious: Christianity largely got this out of its system several centuries ago.  You have to assume that more immature and simplistic faith structures like radical environmentalism will need more time to develop to something that can be trusted to wander around outside without a keeper.

Alas, the aforementioned fanatics have altogether too much influence over our current President.  One hopes that the more serious-minded and strong-willed people in the Democratic party’s leadership can start ameliorating the damage being done; after all, I have to live under whatever rules that Gaean would-be theocrats end up getting implemented…

Moe Lane

PS: As to the merits of increased natural gas production… :shrug: If the Democrats don’t want to provide cheaper energy to the American people, the Republicans will be happy to do that.  And the Democrats fighting natural gas will just ensure that it’ll be easier for us to so provide it, once we get the chance.


  • BigGator5 says:

    “Never trust a religious fanatic whose theology is based on a) an apocalyptic vision for Creation and b) a not-very-suppressed desire to see that apocalypse inflicted on the heathen…
    Hrmph! *storms out*

  • garfieldjl says:

    No matter how this turns out Obama and the Democrats are going to tick off part of their base. This is a problem entirely of Obama’s making, and my concern is that he’ll choose to throw the people of Ukraine, along with our NATO allies, under the bus to appease the radical environmentalists.

  • Catseyes says:

    Much like a large structure built of Pay-do the democratic coalition was always doomed to collapse inward on itself.

    • garfieldjl says:

      True, the sad thing is that it didn’t collapse before they had caused all the damage this country is currently suffering.

  • Texas 1911 says:

    Cognitive dissonance time. Stopping domestic drilling means no exports to Europe and an end to Soviet, er, Russkie domination. Democrats just love, love, love them some Europeans, but not, apparantly at the cost of doing right by America. Like I have always said, Democrates come in three flavors, stupid, evil and traitors to their country.

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