If Harry Reid *does* cave on the IMF provisions, why?

Here’s the basic background: they’re trying to pass a bill to aid Ukraine and maybe give President Obama more sanction tools against Russia.  The hitch? Democrats not letting a crisis go to waste:

…House GOP leaders said they will not support language in the legislation that would ratify quota reforms to the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF provision, they said, would weaken the voting power of the United States within the organization by boosting the voting share of emerging nations, including Russia.

So the bill’s stalled, and the Democrats… are openly talking about removing the offending provisions.  This is not exactly normal behavior for the Senate under Harry Reid; and I have no idea why they’re suddenly amenable to sweet reason. The Senate Majority Leader has never cared about anything more complex than raw power before, so why should he start now?

…Unless, of course, Harry Reid is scared of become the Senate Minority Leader.  Which would be actively horrid for him, by the way.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “If Harry Reid *does* cave on the IMF provisions, why?”

  1. Something tells me that Senate Democrats aren’t as dumb as House Democrats; if Team Blue loses its Senate majority, Reid won’t become Senate Minority Leader, he’ll become a backbencher.

  2. House Republicans might have a strong hand in this because they can point out that what Reid is pushing for is essentially rewarding Russia for bad behavior. Vulnerable Democrats don’t want to be seen as supporting Russia’s invasion of part of Ukraine.

  3. Maybe because he finally figured out he’s more unpopular than the Koch brothers who half the country has never heard of?

    1. Well if you’ll recall, Harry Reid did call millions of average Americans a bunch of liars…

      I don’t think many Americans are inclined to take Harry Reid at his word.

  4. “…and I have no idea why they’re suddenly amenable to sweet reason.”
    Being unreasonable hasn’t gotten them anywhere, maybe they want to change it up a little?

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