This is a sockdolager of a campaign ad from Dr. Monica Wehby (R CAND, Oregon[*]-SEN).

This is, in fact, a hammer of a campaign ad:

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: one big point of this ad is to try to help Monica Wehby with more socially conservative voters who are generally suspicious – and they have good, solid reasons to be – of anybody who takes the so-called ‘personally’ pro-life position. Generally speaking, most politicians who use that line don’t have much credibility on the topic: then again, most politicians can’t also say And then I went out and healed a little girl who the medical establishment was ready to throw away before she was even born. It may not move the needle for her among social conservatives in the primary, but if she wins that then I can see it helping her with turnout in the general. I suspect that the general election in Oregon will be largely a referendum on Obamacare anyway – an issue that will probably explode again in, oh, two days or so.

Anyway, I am not taking a position in this primary.  That being said: the room got real dusty. I’m not going to deny it.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

[*Oops! Fixed. – ML]

6 thoughts on “This is a sockdolager of a campaign ad from Dr. Monica Wehby (R CAND, Oregon[*]-SEN).”

  1. I watched a debate featuring Sarah Palin when she ran for governor. She used a phrase similar to “For myself, I am against abortion” when asked question after question on under which circumstances she would favor abortion. The fact remains that, as long as the Roe decision stands, a senator or governor has little power with respect to abortion policy. Being personally against abortion is a window into a person’s character; running against abortion is a Quixotic distraction.

  2. We need more Republican Candidates like this. She’s able to throw the left’s pro-abortion position right back in their face, by getting people to ask themselves how many other children were killed that could have lived normal lives with a simple surgery.

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