Our stagnant economic situation, in three tweets.

Ostensible good news:

Actual bad news:

Confirmation of bad news:

And now, a spot of analysis (because even I think that this is a lazy post): the Obama administration has a definite problem in how to spin this. The basic problem for them is that you can say that the economy’s recovering and that people are doing great and that there will be pie, later – but there’s a limit to how well that will work, and by now it’s pretty clear to the American people that there will not be pie. But the last thing that Barack Obama can do is admit that, because his own base would freak out at the suggestion that they (well, the Democratic party) have messed up the economic recovery. It’s quite the pickle: but I’m sure that the administration will work it all out eventually*.

Moe Lane

*Probably by whining a lot, interspersed with blaming other people for their problems. That seems to be the pattern.

3 thoughts on “Our stagnant economic situation, in three tweets.”

  1. You forgot whining about income inequality, minimum wage, and corporations.
    In other words: “Squirrel!”

  2. The funny thing(actually sad and predictable) is when a Republican comes on board as President and institutes some freedom in the private sector the economy will take off like gangbusters and the press will give credit to Obama. They’ll say that all that hard work(snicker) that he put into the infrastructure is finally paying off.
    This economy is held back because of the fear of the unknown. No plans can be made for expansion when at the stroke of an executive order made illegal or more expensive to institute. The only growth in the last 5 years came from the temporary tax cuts (that were pushed over year to year) became permanent tax rates.

  3. *cake instead of pie, and we should all assume the party escort submission position.

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