House formalizes contempt for Lois Lerner.

We knew already that she should be held in contempt: the House just merely made it official tonight.  Please note this, too:

Federal law says that if the House or Senate votes to hold someone in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena, the matter is referred to the local U.S. attorney, a Justice Department official. It is then the “duty” of the U.S. attorney to bring the matter before a grand jury. But that doesn’t guarantee an indictment. Justice officials didn’t respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

Oh, man, speaking as a partisan political hack it’d be a real shame if Eric Holder’s Justice Department tried to do a whitewash of political corruption in an election year. An absolute shame.  I mean, I can’t see at all how we could take advantage of that move…

Moe Lane

PS: The statute of limitations on all of this will extend past January of 2017, ye Beltway denizens.  Have a nice day!

[UPDATE: Dagnabbit, I think Ace got in that particular snark first.]

4 thoughts on “House formalizes contempt for Lois Lerner.”

  1. The best scenario for Obama is to let the wheels of the Dept of Justice (sic) grind slowly but finish in time for her name to be added to the late 2016 pardons list.
    PS: One of the things Bush did wrong was not fulling pardoning Scooter Libby.

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