Well played, Google.


Well played.

Moe Lane

PS: Look at it again.


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    I guess we beat Ghana 2 to 1?

    • RangerSG says:

      Why yes. Yes we did.

      Clint Dempsey with a goal in the first 30 seconds. Then our lead striker pulled a hamstring, and Clint had his nose broken (non-contact sport). So we hung on…until they scored in the 82nd, and visions of 06 & 10 defeats to the Black Stars came to mind.

      Then…minute 86. We score on a corner. And my fingernails sigh with relief. 😛

  • BigGator5 says:

    In thread highjacking news: Syria fighter jets attacked ISIS targets… In Iraq.
    I am so bloody ready, I can taste it.

  • Matt_SE says:

    Finally, something all Americans can get behind…soccer.
    Does Google think this somehow makes up for their missing flag day?

    • RangerSG says:

      I have to admit, that on the list of supposed Google offenses, that was not one I would’ve counted. Really. Flag Day? Do I get that holiday off?

    • RangerSG says:

      And Yes, I know “US Army birthday.”

      I was Navy. They can suck it. 😛

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