The obligatory ‘probably final Guardians of the Galaxy trailer’ post.

Please, God: don’t let it suck.



  • garfieldjl says:

    Okay thus far it looks like the best acting is done by the Raccoon.

    • HeartbreakRidge says:

      Nonsense, it has to be GROOT!

      • Luke says:

        Rocket Raccoon has always been the most entertaining character in the series. It’s not a surprise that he’s going to get a lot of good lines, or that good lines are one of the main things trailers spoil.
        Guardians of the Galaxy is camp. Camp doesn’t require the actor to channel deep emotion or angst. It requires the actor to project earnestness and seriousness while also winking at the audience that he’s in on the joke. By normal drama standards, Bruce Campbell isn’t a good actor. But when it comes to camp… He’s one of the best.
        From what I’ve seen in the trailer, I’m optimistic about the actor playing Starlord being able to pull it off. He’s the pivot on which the whole thing turns. With him pulling it off, and Rocket and Groot stealing scenes, they can make it work. Carrying the other two if need be.

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