No Labels (remember them?) quietly starting to suck up to the GOP.

I should be appalled at the sight of a notoriously faux-disinterested group like No Labels behaving in such a shamelessly sycophantic fashion:

“Should the balance of power in the U.S. Senate flip following the 2014 midterm elections and Republicans gain control, No Labels sees an opportunity to bridge the gap between Congress and the White House,” the document reads in its “Break Through Strategy” section. “With Republicans holding control of both chambers in Congress and a Democrat in the White House, the likelihood of gridlock will be higher than ever before.

“We have already begun back door conversations with Senate leaders to discuss this increasingly likely scenario,” the document continues.


…to openly discuss its role in a future, hypothetical Republican-led Congress is especially unusual, given that of the 10 senators who belong to No Labels, three — Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Warner of Virginia — are embroiled in difficult re-election races and might have to lose in order for the GOP to take back the Senate.

Tsk, tsk. TSK, tsk. I am shocked, shocked! to find machinations going on here!

Via Memeorandum.

Moe Lane

PS: To clarify: I have no love for No Labels, and I certainly don’t want them to start whispering in Republican ears.  But this is what it looks like when Official Washington starts to prepare for an inevitable power flip.  People start jockeying, as soon as they dare.

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  1. Both the Activist Left and Right can agree that No Labels is the most obnoxious group on the Hill. And that’s saying something.

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