New ad reminds Wisconsin: ‘Mary Burke was fired by her own family.’

You know, there are political races that are almost civilized affairs, and then there are grudge matches, and then there are knife fights in an alley.

And then there’s Wisconsin-GOV. It’s not every day where a political ad goes there… and it’s not even the worst thing said in this race in this cycle. Not even close to worst, really.

:shrugging: Then again, they started it. All this fuss, over a simple You shouldn’t force people to pay union dues.


One thought on “New ad reminds Wisconsin: ‘Mary Burke was fired by her own family.’”

  1. This is a brutal ad. I can’t decide if I like it or not. She is running to be chief executive of the state. This is not a good sign. Walker haters are talking like she is some great thing, but they show that once agains competence doesn’t matter ideology does. Exactly how President Dreamcatcher skated into office. They’ve learned nothing!!!

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