The inevitable Ferguson riots. ‘Inevitable’ thanks to the media, of course.

Look, I don’t want to get into the details of this case, largely because I haven’t been following it that closely and I suspect that I’d just blame the whole thing on Jay Nixon, whether he deserved it or not. Which he so totally deserves. Anyway, look at this picture:

You know why that police car is getting flipped over? It’s getting flipped over because there’s a guy with a camera there to put the whole thing on the nightly news. Most of the media has been absolutely salivating over the chance to cover a riot, and it looks like they’re getting their wish. Hope the newsies get their bylines in fast, though: it’s going to get a lot colder tomorrow in Ferguson, and on Wednesday it will snow.

7 thoughts on “The inevitable Ferguson riots. ‘Inevitable’ thanks to the media, of course.”

    1. Why wait? I mean, yeah, but .. cold and wet at 40(f) is almost as unpleasant as cold and wet at 30(f), and you’ll end up with about the same number of hypothermia patients.
      Less frostbite, though.

  1. They told me if I voted for Romney, there would be street violence and race war across the country. And they were right!

    1. Prime Time TV coverage. How else are they supposed to distract the people from the rest of the news.

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