Progressive agitators summon a mini-Mob in San Francisco. #ferguson

Not to be impolite about this, but one thing is absolutely certain about these violent San Francisco protesters (all bolding mine):

Shopkeepers lowered metal gates to protect their entries while shoppers with children dashed inside the giant Macy’s store and cowered behind locked doors. Some protesters broke shop windows and screamed at police, while others threw objects including bottles at officers.

Several families ran from the protest area while hundreds crowded behind police lines at Union Square’s ice rink. An activist spray painted “F T P” (F—The Police) on an Apple Store, watched by dozens of wide-eyed shoppers huddled inside.

…not a one of ’em vote Republican.  Most would, in fact, chew off their own legs before voting Republican. I would not care to bet any money that none of them would be opposed to putting people like me in a Stalin-era work camp.  Or people like you.

Via Twitchy.  Read that one all the way to the end in order to see a hilarious series of tweets.  I won’t spoil the surprise, except to note that the Tweeter is lucky to have not been dragged away from the ‘Ferguson’ protests by one ear…

Moe Lane

PS: Fortunately, this was clearly the hardcore contingent of the blackshirts: there weren’t that many of them.  There are unlikely to really be all that many of them, largely because blackshirt ideology is utterly repellent to the average American.

PPS: [Deleted because, frankly, I expect that it’d just be urinating in the wind. Suffice it to say that I think Erick Erickson was spot-on, here.]


  • jetty says:

    “that none of them would be opposed to putting people like me in a Stalin-era work camp. Or people like you.”
    And they would do it with the same smug, self-righteous, hate-filled justification that the Bolsheviks and Nazis used.
    So thankful for that 2nd amendment.

  • DemosthenesVW says:

    I think some of them might be more inclined to a Maoist re-education camp than a Siberian gulag — at least for those who showed an immediate willingness to recant their past heresies against Truth, Logic, and…
    Oh, wait. As far as most of those people are concerned, capital-T Truth does not exist, because everything is relative. Except for the truth of their beliefs, which is absolute. And that’s not a contradiction, because “contradiction” is a term of Logic, and Logic is an invention of the patriarchy* that is designed to oppress women, minorities, and various other groups in the masses and keep them from seeing the (relative) truth.
    Well, I guess it’s off to the gulag for me.
    * You know. The people that have run this society since time immemorial for their own selfish white male heteronormative gain, and need to be cleansed of their sins, possibly by being cleansed of their lives. The patriarchy.

    • Luke says:

      Freely substitute Majestic, the Greys, the Freemasons, the Bilderburgers, or the Jews for the patriarchy when echoing their complaints back to them.
      To add extra insult, apologize for not being able to keep the conspiracy theories straight, and ask them which one they subscribed to, again?
      It’s street theater. The object is to convince or intimidate passers-by.
      It’s only their show if you play by their rules.
      You can effectively take over the show and make their efforts counter-productive to their cause.

  • Luke says:

    Step 1: Read them the Riot Act, and order them to disperse.
    Step 2: If they fail to comply, shoot them until they do.
    (Yes, the media will twist the story so that the rioters are somehow innocent victims. They got away with it at Kent State, and will repeat the triumph at every opportunity. Prioritize your fires accordingly.)

  • Jack_Savage says:

    If I never read another thing in my life, I will be grateful that I read the last few tweets in that series. Thank you.

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