I’ll take ‘sad desperation in Louisiana-SEN’ for $200, Alex.

Her internals must be awful.

A new radio ad approved by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) claims that if Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) defeats her in Saturday’s runoff, Republicans will impeach President Obama.

There’s only one reason to run an ad like that, and that’s if you’re trying to get African-American voters to the polls in sufficient numbers to at least avoid a blowout.  Yeah, I said ‘avoid a blowout,’ not ‘win.’  Landrieu’s been having to define victory down a bit this election cycle…

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “I’ll take ‘sad desperation in Louisiana-SEN’ for $200, Alex.”

  1. Heh.
    Read a speculation earlier, forget where, that *Dems* may have to begin impeachment proceedings to rally their base … Burning down the party in order to save it.
    Crazier things have happened…

  2. In a year if O’bama’s amnesty drives up black unemployment the Democrats may wish they had impeached him.

    1. In a year, if the rubble of this administration continues to bounce, they may have no other choice.
      I don’t think this President would react as favorably to a delegation of his party telling him it’s time to go as Nixon did, eh?

  3. best guess – Valerie would force them onto a plane at gunpoint and airdrop them over what used to be western Iraq. i probably wouldn’t object.

  4. Landrieu’s been having to define victory down a bit this election cycle…
    Bless her heart, ain’t that just a cryin’ shame?

  5. The weekend before the election here in NC, Kay Hagan put up an add featuring President Obama that ran on mostly urban radio stations. Tom Tillis promptly put it on his website and posted it to YouTube.

    Waiting for the official “DOOM” call.

  6. You know her comments make me wish I lived in Louisanna just so I could vote to kick her out of office.

    Her comments might motive the Democrat base, but she failed to realize it would also motive the Republican base.

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