‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light.’

Paradise by the Dashboard LightMeat Loaf

I don’t want to be That Guy, but I do kind of miss the days when MTV would just play stuff like this all day because they weren’t really sure what the heck they should be playing.  I know, I know: that’s not really a smart business model. Also, nostalgia is a heck of a gateway drug.  But still.


  • countrydoc says:

    “I’ll never break my promise or forget my vow.”
    Today he would just cut a check for the abortion.

  • Luke says:

    As I recall, MTV was much more popular back then.

  • AndaO says:

    Did anyone else think: so, this is what Gov Chris Christie did before he got into politics! ??

    ALSO: in case one would like to do analogies: Tea Party/Conservative Base: I need to know right now! Gov: let me think on it, I’ll give you the answer in the morning.


  • Outback_Jon says:

    “nostalgia is a heck of a gateway drug.” – You aren’t kidding. I just watched almost the whole Bat Out of Hell album…

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