Hi, news media! Hillary Clinton wants to kick you in the face again!

She apparently expects them to act like they act around Barack Obama.

Full story here: click through for a surprisingly (well, maybe not) unsympathetic bit of commentary on this from MSNBC. ┬áThe reporter took to time to point out that Hillary Clinton could have held this presser at a hotel, which honestly didn’t occur to me until it was mentioned. I guess that even the liberals in the media are getting tired. Or, more accurately, bored.

5 thoughts on “Hi, news media! Hillary Clinton wants to kick you in the face again!”

  1. *incredulous* What?! Ug! I- I am at a loss for words. Just when my outrage meter seems broken, something pops up and sends me into another rage.

  2. It’s precisely the kind of blatant manipulation one expects from Team Clinton … *and* precisely the kind of manipulation the media would hide – for someone they *like*.
    She looks like a formidable candidate .. but it’s all illusion.

  3. Media types! Vote Republican in 2016! Get a president that you can reflexively attack and you can relax after carrying eight years worth of water!

    (Let’s see water is 8 pounds to the gallon, times 8 years, add the original campaign, multiply that by 1.5….
    that’s a lot of water, I’d go see a surgeon about all of those slipped discs you have if I were you.)

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