I enjoy listening to the Left assure itself that the Senate’s Iran Letter was a disaster…

…about as much as I enjoyed listening to it assure itself that the 2013 government shutdown was a disaster.  Which is to say: I quite enjoyed it.  But probably not as much as I’ll enjoy it next year.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m supposed to be worried about this, right? I keep forgetting my lines in these little vignettes, I’m afraid.  My bad…

4 thoughts on “I enjoy listening to the Left assure itself that the Senate’s Iran Letter was a disaster…”

  1. This letter is supposed to be worse than Obama sending his own personal representative directly to Iran – back in 2008, during the election season – to tell the mullahs not to make any deals with Bush because Obama would be more amenable to Iran’s views if he was elected?

    Not hardly.

  2. I have this vision of the Iranian negotiators opening a US high school government textbook, leafing through it before shouting “Why that so-and-so! He lied to us about his powers!”

  3. The deal Obama is pursuing is indefensible.
    Democratic Senators in general, and John Kerry in particular, have lengthy track record of injecting themselves into foreign policy.
    My reaction is to scoff, and say ” get a load of these tools”.
    But I’m not a LIV.
    When the media works hard to push a script at them, they’ll often play the role assigned.
    Hopefully, the American people aren’t this stupid.
    But they did elect Obama. Twice.
    And they did decide that Clinton perjuring himself and accusing the power of his office to cover up his sordid affair was no big deal.
    I figure the Barnum rule is in full effect.
    And it pissed me off to no end that we keep losing to these charlatans who are pushing economic theory that has never worked, and never will, and who think tribalism is a wonderful thing we should revert to.

  4. Tom Cotton got placed on someone’s VP shortlist, and while I hope nobody actually picks him ( because that would be a waste of a good Senator, and I feel the same way in regards to Cruz or Rubio as VPs) he would be in a better position to handle that then Palin was ( by virtue of having been in the spotlight before and handled that pretty well).

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