The easiest thing to do about a problematical employee is not to hire him in the first place.

Ashe Schow asks: “With all the attention being paid to college-aged social justice warriors and microagressions, one has to ask: What happens when all these delicate snowflakes enter the workforce?”  To which I answer: What makes you think that these delicate snowflakes will enter the workforce? – Oh, I’m sure that many of them will end up doing some sort of retail, at least in the states that don’t institute a $15 minimum wage.  But there are plenty of qualified people out there who either did not get infected with the current madness sweeping our campuses, or else they got over it.  Easy enough to give them the job.

18 thoughts on “The easiest thing to do about a problematical employee is not to hire him in the first place.”

  1. HR departments can use Google too ..
    The *obnoxious* part is .. until they get over it, get jobs, and start earning money .. they don’t have to pay on their student loans.

    1. No. As soon as they’re out of school, interest start accrued. Just because you’re not working doesn’t mean you’re not on the hook. The only way to stave off that clock is to remain in school and there are professional student that have hundred of thousands of student debt that’s doing precisely that. Why do you think they want the debt to be forgiven?

      1. Yeah, student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy (how could you repossess ‘knowledge’ anyway? – don’t answer that sci-fi horror question – would make a good movie, though). The interest accrues on the principle and it is a hell of a thing to be rid of.

        1. Yep, can’t repossess knowledge, but knowledge without effort is not worth much.
          If I had faith in government, I’d suggest upper limits on the amount of student loans any individual can borrow – based on their field of study. I fully expect, though, that Goodhart’s Law would break that system before the ink is dry.
          So .. instead, I propose that the government get out of the student loan business entirely. All current loans satisfied (a nice sop to the left) and *no* new Federally guaranteed or provided loans forthcoming. (a nice sop to the right)
          The VA, of course, will still provide GI Bill benefits to all armed services members.

  2. but if you eliminate college-age and post-college SJWs from the workforce, how will I ever get a mocha at Starbucks ever again?

    1. I guess you’ll just have to learn to like coffee that isn’t burned and overpriced.

  3. Not in a position to hire anyone; but if I was there would be restrictions on who was hireable:

    1) NO non-STEM graduates of any Ivy League school.
    2) No graduates from any college from the California state system.
    3) No touchy-feely “studies” or “ethnic” or “gender” related majors.
    4) Really careful with a bias towards “no” involving anyone with a law degree unless the position requires an attorney.
    5) Automatic rejection of any applicant who appears to apply while wearing ANYTHING that indicates any politics. And I would go so far as to require applicants to park in an area near the personnel area where if they have Leftist political stickers on their car, they will be visible and grounds for rejection.

    There are rumors that I am not a nice person.

    1. I wouldn’t admit to planting agents provocateur in the waiting room during open hire calls to strike up conversations or ….sensitive topics, But a friend of a friend says it works wonders on weeding out people trying to ‘pass’ as normal.

    2. Good to read you again, I recognize you from Wretchard’s blog. Allow me to make the case that

      a) Government should not be involved in making student loans in any way, and
      b) all student loans SHOULD be completely dischargable in bankruptcy.

      What would be the effect of these policies? Lenders would have to be extremely diligent about making sure that the subject was creditworthy, and that the amount being spent was rationally related to the projected future income.

      If not, no loan. Think about this, and you realize that these two simple changes would fix a large number of problem with the current system, and require little change in our legal framework. With respect to bankruptcy, treat that debt like any other debt.

      Now why won’t anyone dare to propose this, much less try it? Because they all know that making the system follow the reals of every other business would result in about 75% unemployment for all college professors and administrators working today. Because without all of the subsidized money being poured in, and without the indentured servitude of all the “beneficiaries” of the system, the System collapses overnight.

      I say let it fall.

  4. Just hire veterans. Disciplined people who felt a need to serve their country. Why hire anyone else?

    1. Take a good squint at the DD-214 anyway, some MOS’s are more ‘veteran’ than others

  5. A Cat said: “HR departments use Google too.”

    And a good business to get into would be one that concentrates on HR for the smaller businesses that cannot afford to have a dedicated HR department. Sort of like a title agency when it comes to buying real property.

    1. So, write up a business plan, pitch it to a venture capitalist, and make a buck. I’m too busy, at the moment, to do this ..

  6. A friend of mine who works in HR says people with “social justice” type degrees don’t even get an interview – and not just at her company, but everyone she knows in HR has that attitude. They already know they’re going to be a real pain in the ass, policing other employees, constantly whinging about something, and are a much higher risk for a lawsuit.

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