Dave Reichert *might* be running for Washington Senate. Or governor.

(H/T Instapundit) Interesting.

The man who could be the GOP’s top recruit is, at least publicly, noncommittal. Rep. Dave Reichert, a six-term congressman who’s flirted with statewide office before, told CQ Roll Call in a statement Monday, “My entire career I have always kept my options open. I have considered every possibility that has been put in front of me.”

Reichert isn’t ruling out a Senate bid, but he’s more often mentioned as a gubernatorial contender. He could just as well decide to stay put in Washington’s 8th District, which, thanks to redistricting, is now safer turf for a Republican. But just in case, Reichert’s aides confirmed last year to the Seattle Times that he has owned ReichertforGovernor.com and ReichertforSenate.com since at least 2011.

Dave Reichert isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, to put it mildly – but he’s been a survivor in Washington State for a while now. Reichert won in 2006 and 2008 (two tough years for Republicans) and fend off a serious contender in 2012 (Suzan Delbene, who went and found another seat to win). He really is at that stage of his career where a politician starts seriously looking at getting a higher office.

Put a gun to my head and ask me to guess, and I’d say that he’s going for Governor.  Oregon and Washington State are both a bit overdue to have Republican governors, and even the remarkable ability of Pacific Coast Democrats to somehow win those close recounts isn’t going to help if the final margin is above half a percent.  Not that I’m suggesting that there are shenanigans going on in the balloting process. No. Not me, never…

4 thoughts on “Dave Reichert *might* be running for Washington Senate. Or governor.”

  1. Doesn’t everybody come across ballot boxes floating in the nearest body of water every now and then?

  2. they aren’t shenanigans. they’re open cases of fraud. maybe not as bad as Chicago, or Al Franken’s first thef-er, close win, but in much the same was as facts not mattering, votes are very secondary to The Narrative.

  3. Well, Moe, maybe *you* won’t go there but speaking as a local *I* will: Election fraud is positively rampant in this state, primarily in King (Seattle) and Thurston (Olympia) Counties though not uncommon around the rest of the Giant Toilet Bowl (Puget Sound) and in Spokane too.

    Frankly, I’m not sure Reichert would be a real big improvement over KKKomrade KKKarpetbagger Inslee… I would have preferred Diane Tebelius, who back at that year’s GOP County Convention that I attended at least showed up and let us PCO’s grill her for a bit, for the seat Reichert now holds but “dammit he caught the Green River Killer and this is His Due.”*snort*

    1. Reichert would be more of a Scoop Jackson type Democrat then a Conservative Republican, but that’s still miles of improvement over the Leftwing Idiocy that is the average Washington State Democrat ( like Patty “I want Osama’s baby” Murray).

      Also, despite being gray haired the man seems to be in excellent health, and seems to want to run. He isn’t another Mike Castle/Dick Lugar who’s got one foot in the Grave.
      He’ll run an energetic campaign in which he’ll fundraise for himself, and he’s got a proven record of winning in Fraud Country.

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