In the (e-)Mail: the ARC of ‘A Call to Arms.’

ARC being ‘Advance Reader Copy’ and ‘A Call to Arms‘ being David Weber’s latest Honorverse novel (Manticore Ascendant series).  Alas, Baen Publishing still doesn’t think that I’m worth buttering up with free books, so I had to shell out fifteen bucks for a before-it’s-published.  Heh. ‘Had.’  As if I didn’t cheerfully drop the cash to read the books months before it came out in print.  Baen’s probably being smart in not sending me free books…

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  • Dave R says:

    Because I’m kind of lazy and so don’t want to bother buying the final versions and removing the e-ARCs from my library, I pretty much only buy e-ARCs for main timeline Honorverse and Vorkosigan novels. I’d pay $25 for them if they auto-upgraded to the final versions.

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