Democratic disarray in Pennsylvania.

Well, news like this always makes me perk up my ears: “With the exception of two county officials on either side of the state — Montgomery’s Commissioners Chairman Josh Shapiro, Allegheny’s Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald — the Democrats’ statewide bench [in Pennsylvania] is weak, and so is their morale.” Salena Zito finds four factors: the Congressional delegations and state legislature both currently favor Republicans, rather significantly; state Treasurer Rob McCord had to resign in disgrace, and AG Kathleen Kane really should have; the governor and the head of the PA Democratic party both hate each other; and apparently nobody in the party likes Joe Sestak, which is awkward because he’s probably going to be their nominee in next year’s Senate race.  What makes this all very fascinating is that, in all probability, nobody in the Democratic party’s going to really do anything about this until next year.

…OK, that’s a guess. But it’s not entirely a wild one. If this was happening on the Republican side, RNC chair Reince Priebus would already be swooping in to try to figure out how to minimize the damage. Nobody really expects DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to do any swooping.  She’s not really there for that: she’s there to make sure that the Democratic party apparatus stays focused on the needs of the Democratic party’s leader.  Which is, again, awkward, because the current party leader is still Barack Obama, despite the fact that in about eighteen months Obama’s opinion on pretty much everything is going to be irrelevant to the Democratic party’s tactical and strategic goals. One assumes that Hillary Clinton would prefer a happy Pennsylvania Democratic party; but then, that’s apparently just as irrelevant right now.

None of this means that Pennsylvania is slipping out of the Democrats’ hands. But what it does mean is that the Democrats aren’t exactly acting like winners right now.  Which is… interesting.


  • acat says:

    … ummm .. at what point is it fair to start talking about how Hillary has a, you know, *problem* seeing trouble on the horizon unless it comes with a Bush or a right wing attached…

  • Antoninus Pius says:

    she has people to keep trouble from reaching her ears. it might cause another stroke or a demand to stop Bernie with extreme prejudice or something. best to let her stay calm, where her biggest problem is deciding which glitzy toy to get the grandkid…

  • Luke says:

    Also, she doesn’t care.
    It’s not like Penn will go R in the Presidential.
    And it’s not like she’s less narcissistic than Obama.

    • midwestconservative says:

      I wouldn’t be too sure about that Luke. We came close to winning PA in 04. PA Dems are in far worse shape now then they were then, and a dysfunctional state party is a good way to blow an election, even if your party is doing well nationwide.
      Remember Colorado GOP 2010? ( Unfortunately based on Aaron Gardner’s twitter timeline the COGOP wants to re-enact that little fiasco).

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