I’m a little surprised that @JeffBezos tolerates racism at the Washington Post.

This is, in a word, nasty.

You’ll note that I skipped the gif, because it depicts two children with Hispanic ancestry as monkeys, and unlike Ann Telnaes I don’t want to subject my readers to anything that nasty. You can look it up on Twitchy. Anyway, Marco Rubio’s response works for me:

Note, by the way, that the Washington Post was the institution that turned ‘macaca’ into a Holy Crusade. I wonder if any of them over there understand the irony? Or irony at all, really?

8 thoughts on “I’m a little surprised that @JeffBezos tolerates racism at the Washington Post.”

    1. Actually, Chelsea’s child is fair game according to their rules. After all, Hillary has been using her as a prop.

  1. Fred Hiatt pulled the cartoon, said he hadn’t seen it before it went online, but didn’t apologize.
    Time to stop dong business with any company Jeff Bezos controls . Payback is a b—h.

    1. If an “editor” doesn’t exercise editorial control or do any editing, what does he do?
      IF Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

    1. Won’t help, of course.
      Seriously, deleting ’em is close kin to admitting the tweet’s offensive, at this point.

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