Book of the Week: ‘For Love of Mother-Not.’

This is kind of supposed to be an encouragement to me: For Love of Mother-Not is the first book in Alan Dean Foster’s Pip and Flinx series of alien world exploration adventure, and I should reread the whole thing to catch up before I go get the last book in the series.  It’s a good series. I’ve always like the central idea of Foster’s Humanx Commonwealth (short version: giant alien bugs! …Hey, these guys are pretty chill. We should hang out).  I should get caught up with it.

And so, adieu to Live Free or Die.


7 thoughts on “Book of the Week: ‘For Love of Mother-Not.’”

  1. Ryozenzuzex used to be my goto name to use when I needed a name for insectoids in video games. (Starflight. Master of Orion or Magic. He became Thi-Kreen in Dark Sun.)

  2. Yeah, that’s not the first book writen, reasonable starting point though… Boy, there’s a lot of those now.

    There’s also A Call To Arms, in which is Humanity is needed as a war-making race.

  3. I remember rebooting several of those. I didn’t realize they were still going. Since I hadn’t seen any of his books in stores for decades, I just kind of assumed he was either dead or retired.

  4. “hadn’t seen any of his books in stores for decades” – publishers must think he’s conservative.

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