Huh. There’s gonna be a Preacher TV show.

This new teaser trailer for the Preacher AMC series informs me that I missed this, somehow:

Yup, that’s based on the comic book. …Which was never quite to my taste; but the more comic book movies and television series there are, the better my chances of getting a title done that IS to my taste. So, hey: go, Preacher. Rising tide lifts all boats, and all that.

5 thoughts on “Huh. There’s gonna be a Preacher TV show.”

      1. Personally, I like the original story but it will not be easy to put that on the screen. But who knows? Maybe Moe will get his Squirrel Girl show sometime.

  1. Hmm. What would be a strong enough reason to get cable, for me, just knowing that there was going to be a season? Mage, probably. [That would be sweet, and wouldn’t need much in the way of special effects] The Elementals, probably. Strikeforce Morituri, probably.

    And if Hollywood wants dark and gritty spandex, why the heck don’t they do WildC.A.T.S.?

  2. I’ve enjoyed Lucifer on Fox so far. Not much like the comic, but its quite amusing.

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