Tweet of the Day, Trump Campaign Now Using Media In Its Internal Fights edition.

It’s always fun when a campaign decides to have a fight with itself via the newspapers. Well, it’s always fun when it’s the other guys doing it. When it’s your own, it’s kind of bad because that’s a symptom of deeper troubles.

So… this is fun.

I’m not really sure if Barry Bennett – the dude who wrote the memo – really gets how badly it comes off to people who know something about this business. I don’t know which is worse: hist swearing in the title of said memo, or slavishly calling Donald Trump “Mr. Trump” in your hasty spin-cycle rebuttal. Either one doesn’t exactly reassure the very people in the Republican Establishment that Trump needs to convert right now. This is a question of, wait for it, wait for it! …temperament.

And yes, I used that term with malice aforethought.