This Luthor/Metallo Texts From Superheroes exchange explains it ALL.

This makes perfect sense to me. There’s a reason why Superman’s rogue gallery isn’t as psychopathic as Batman’s is: Lex Luthor probably has all of the really crazy ones quietly killed.  Because what happens if Superman ever decides that this ‘live like a normal human as much as possible’ thing isn’t really working for him? — Actually, you don’t need to answer that one; there are a bunch of comic story lines that explore that, usually with a lot of heat vision going off.  So, yeah, keep the Man of Steel busy cosplaying…

Moe Lane

PS: You do have to wonder: why has nobody ever just shot the Joker in the head a few times?  I mean, I don’t condone violence, but it seems like a fairly obvious, if rather drastic, counter-Joker gambit. I suppose that Batman wouldn’t like it…


  • BigGator5 says:

    “You do have to wonder: why has nobody ever just shot the Joker in the head a few times?”
    I have been exploring this a little in my book. Basically I have a hero that, while conservative and believes in the Death Penalty, won’t kill anyone himself because he stands for justice and not vigilantism. There is a fine line between citizen arrest and vigilantism in my world, one which my heroes must walk.

  • Finrod says:

    If I recall correctly, in one of the animated Batman movies set when Bruce Wayne is old enough to have retired as Batman, he actually does shoot the Joker in the head.

  • Luke says:

    The main reason Lex Luthor is such a compelling villain is the he has a point.
    Superman is quite possibly the scariest thing in the entire Universe. Only his superhuman GOODNESS keeps him restrained.
    And trusting to that is a leap of faith.

  • Catseyes says:

    Why has no one ever taken out the Joker;

    1} There is no profit in it. Certainly no one’s going to give you a medal or a get of jail free card. And the only thing you might get from Batman is having your name moved to the top of Batman’s enemies list.
    2} The Joker over the years has proven himself to be harder to kill than a cat. And he doesn’t forget or forgive an attempt to kill him. People who have tried generally die badly.
    3} The Joker oddly enough is probably very good for business if you’re a minor criminal. As long as he’s running around loose Batman is concentrating on finding him and nothing short of a running gun battle thru the streets will distract him. Of course you just have to stay out of Joker’s way which is sometimes easier to say than do.
    4} The other Batman villains are unlikely to respond well to the news of Joker’s demise. In fact they’re likely to want you dead so you can’t kill them. No one in their right mind wants Batman’s rouge’s gallery coming after them all at once.

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