Tweet of the Day, This Would Solve Many Problems For Me, Too edition.

I really would like this feature, honestly.

I suspect that most people who do gaming or SF/fantasy/horror writing would feel the same. We ask some weird questions, sometimes. And sometimes we don’t realize that they’re weird, or maybe alarming, until they’re well out of our mouths.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, This Would Solve Many Problems For Me, Too edition.”

  1. I’m currently doing audio transcriptions, which means I Google a lot of random terms for spelling purposes. Cancer treatment drugs, ancient Greek philosophers, obscure electrical engineering terms. I expect my Google search history is a random hash of not very useful stuff.

  2. Add those with ADD.
    Scratch the “until they’re well out of our mouths”, replace with “until our wives give us the look”.
    I swear my brain has a macro for saying “What? Haven’t you ever wondered about that?”

  3. I don’t think the Feds would find my searches all that interesting. The Publisher’s Clearing House search engine is another story. I intentionally think up the most obscure, strange thing I can think of when they dangle that “Win 7000 a week for life! Search HERE!” carrot in front of me.

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