Check your accounts for a settlement!

Seriously. Check here to see if you got a piece of a settlement that Apple got smacked with over e-books. Essentially, Apple colluded with most of the major print publishers to keep e-book prices up, and they got hammered in civil court over it, to the tune of four hundred million.  So if you bought e-books between 2010 and 2012, there may be some money going your way.  I certainly got a nice surprise this morning.


Moe Lane

PS: If you do click here, and you did get some Amazon credit coming… well.

13 thoughts on “Check your accounts for a settlement!”

  1. For some reason this thingie doesn’t seem to apply to Audible. So I went ahead and bought one book first.

  2. Yeah, I got a buck and a half. Of course, my ebook purchasing didn’t really pick up steam until 2012, so I may have missed out.

  3. $1.57. I’m going to get a bunch of pennies and dive into in Scrooge McDuck style. I may be injuring my head when I do so.

    1. little under $60 here. I also buy quite a lot of ebooks, and that period started a few months after I got my first Kindle …

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