Airman does something awesomely stupid with a A-10 main cannon.

I very much believe that I would not do this to the main cannon of a Warthog.

Mostly because I feel that one of the basic rules for having a long and happy life is: Never put your head in front of the main 30mm cannon of the A-10 Thunderbolt. Not unless you want to risk seeing whether you can recreate the plot of “Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner” in real life. Spoiler Warning: …no, you can’t.


  • Cameron says:

    To be fair, those cannons don’t fire unless someone is holding the trigger down and they are certainly disabled and disarmed when they are being worked on.
    And I have a feeling that the Airman got a Talking To from higher-ups once they stopped giggling after watching it.

  • Luke says:

    Looks to me like the A-10 can now be classified as a musical instrument, and be lawfully transferred to the Army and Marines.

  • Libertas says:

    Wow, that’s an old video. Early ’80s?

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