Empire Games (Charlie Stross, Merchant Princes series) out in 2017.

This should be… entertaining. As I recall, the first series got kinda shut down at the end partially for stuff beyond Charlie Stross’s control – and partially for stuff that was, such as a fundamental misunderstanding of… well.  Let’s not skate too close to the edge there, huh?Anyway, the Merchant Princes series started well and I actually wouldn’t mind him trying to salvage the good bits for something new.

Guess we’ll see?

Moe Lane


3 thoughts on “Empire Games (Charlie Stross, Merchant Princes series) out in 2017.”

  1. Didn’t the last book end in full-blown Bush Derangement Syndrome, like with stuff like Cheney personally water boarding someone? I know the BDS was there, tho I may be confusing the particulars with something different…

    I guess I know how a liberal who accidentally reads a Tom Kratman novel feels.

    1. I remember that in the book Donald Rumsfeld ended up running the country after Bush got nuked / Cheney had a heart attack and died. Much to the real Rumsfeld’s amused disbelief, if I heard it right. 🙂

      1. Huh. I read the first one, thought it was interesting. Read the second, wasn’t as impressed for some reason. Don’t think I’m going to get any others.

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