So my phone is starting to die…

…it’s a 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage Amazon Fire phone, and I just need something that can access Twitter, read Kindle books, and actually make calls. Price is, unfortunately, an object these days.  I’m also on an AT&T plan whose phone number I’d rather not lose: I’ve already switched my cell phone number three or four times in the last six years.

I probably will be getting a soft sell on this tomorrow at the store, so let me ask now: your thoughts on this?

7 thoughts on “So my phone is starting to die…”

  1. I’ve had good success with Samsung models and if they have the S6 or the older Note models, you may be able to get a good deal. No need to get the fancy new S7 or the Note that explodes; the prior models have what you need.

  2. I like the Moto phones. The 4G and the Play are fairly cheap, but more than enough for what you need, though you’d probably have to buy them directly–more up front, less in the long run. For the record, I have Samsung S6 Edge now. It’s fine, but I liked my long in the tooth Moto X better, before its battery wore out.

  3. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 6, bought several months ago. I like it, although I wish it had a better battery.

  4. I bought the HTC M8 several years ago and have been pretty pleased with it. I liked the metal frame and feel of the backing. Of course, I then put it inside a case where I felt the case instead. Still a good phone so far.

    1. OnePlus 3 has been pulled from the market & replaced with a slightly-upgraded model, the 3T.

      Unless AT&T changed things, you can consider buying a GoPhone or Cricket or one of AT&T’s other MVNOs, possibly at a cheaper price, and stick your current SIM card in it.

  5. I presume you decline to join the Cult of Jobs?
    The Samsung Galaxy line, outside the larger fondleslabs that have an unfortunate tendency to explode, are remarkably durable, and you can usually get the prior edition cheap, or gently used ones cheaper …
    Pro tip: Don’t go on Craigslist or equivalent to find gently-used, ask the phone store sales drones if they know someone who might be looking to sell one.
    The sharper sales drones sometimes keep a little list of people they know want to upgrade every chance they get, and who are looking to sell their used devices… and I’ve encountered one, in the recent past, who *does this himself*. (i.e. “I have a Galaxy 7, but I really want a {new shiny}, I’ll sell you this one for $X, which is the going rate …”)

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