We were brainstorming what to do with the pork tenderloin tomorrow; and my wife stopped, and said “carnitas.” Which is, of course, brilliant. Now I’m debating whether to adapt this recipe.  It promises crispy and slow-cooked, admittedly by working at it a little, but my wife is dubious about the process.  Then again, my wife isn’t the one cooking this.


Moe Lane

PS: I’m also to pickle a red onion tomorrow in the fashionable style.

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  • MichaelN21209 says:

    The recipe looks pretty amazing, though I’m always partial to grilling a tenderloin, preferably in a Cuban lime mojo marinade. It’s supposed to warm up some tomorrow, too…

  • JAB says:

    I like doing a pork loin in the slow cooker, although usually I’m going for a pulled pork kind of taste with a bottle of bbq sauce. Personally, I’d probably skip the initial browning step, if you’re going to broil it later. And if you’re going to have some leftovers, you might hold off on broiling them until the meal you’re going to serve them.

    There’s not much heat in it, but that’s how you like it, right?

  • Brian Swisher says:

    Looks good, similar to the slow cooker technique I’ve used with some success. Be sure to have black beans and guacamole!

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I’m torn between black beans and rice. We’re cooking essentially for two here, so ‘both’ is just going to generate too many leftovers.

  • Skip says:

    I’ve pretty much always done carnitas in the slow cooker, but I’ve never broiled them afterwards. Have to try that. Some general comments-i would double or triple the spice amounts. Also, there’s no need to use lean pork. Pork shoulder or butt will work just fine, and Jane more flavor to boot.

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