So, apparently Conan Exiles saved FunCom’s butt.

Which is good to hear, because FunCom’s The Secret World is still my favorite MMO.  Although it hasn’t had much new stuff, and I was worried about that, mind you. But I hadn’t realized how worried I should have been:

Speaking to Engadget at GDC, [FunCom] creative director Joel Bylos said the company was so close to bankruptcy before Conan Exiles it was borrowing from investors to make payroll. Seeking a way out of this dire situation, Funcom took to SteamSpy to see what sort of games sold strongly enough to make the bank needed to keep the company afloat – and which it could afford to make. The plethora of dodgy survival games on Steam was the answer.

“These games sell a lot, but they’re not that high quality. We could definitely hit that bar,” Bylos said. And lo! Conan Exiles was born.

I’m cool with this, actually: they’re already planning out how to put more resources back into The Secret World, which is a scenario that I would happily shelled out thirty bucks for, right there.  I’m also pleased to hear that they’ve got stuff in place to implement, now that the Hail Mary play has apparently worked for once: I was concerned that the current Conan Exiles gameplay was essentially it.  But if there’s going to be real cities and magic and roleplaying and stuff then we’re golden.

Now if they could just fix that stupid AMD video card lag problem…


  • Luke says:

    Crom would approve.

  • jeboyle says:

    This is very good news; I had heard rumors that Conan Exiles was going to be it for the company.

    Didn’t realize how close that was to the truth.

  • junior says:

    My fear is – if they reached this point once, I’m concerned that there’s a pretty good likelihood of them getting there again.

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