All right. Time to update the webcomics page this weekend.

You can safely assume that, of the ones listed here from last year, Freefall, Daughter of the Lilies (hoo, yeah), and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal are up on the list. Maybe Questionable Content, as it’s behaved itself since the Incident. Still haven’t decided. Oh, and Sword Interval and Miss Melee. ┬áSing out if there are others.

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  1. It’s weird, and I’m starting to wonder where the story is going, but sure knows how to make things feel huge. Nice to binge on, but things don’t progress very quickly. That in turn makes it hard to keep everything top-of-mind.

    1. K6BD updates a little less than twice a week, IIRC. A very strange comic, but I like it.

      Also, I’d like to say thanks, again, to Moe for helping me refind Quantum Vibe.

    1. Doc over at The Whiteboard is still pluggin’ away. Very funny, but takes a while to build momentum .. hits a joke .. then needs to rebuild.
      The Whiteboard pretty much *is* my “binge-read then ignore for a month or three” list:

      1. Do I need to mention Munroe over at ?
        Rarely NSFW, often funny, sometimes heartbreaking – go read the cancer ones .. XKCD is on my “read when published” list, along with Schlock Mercenary, Sluggy Freelance, and Vexxarr.
        Yes, I should get out more.

        1. I quit reading XKCD last year sometime. Randall’s free to bash conservatives, and I’m free not to read his comic any longer.

          1. You are, indeed, free to ignore Munroe.
            For my own amusement, and without treading too far on Moe’s patience for “the life political”, was there a particular XKCD that cheesed you off?

          2. The first one was a smarmy thing about “freedom of speech doesn’t mean people have to listen to you”, which, IIRC, predates the President’s entrance into the race, so (again, IIRC) didn’t have anything to do with him (so hopefully doesn’t brush up against the house rules here. The other, I don’t actually remember, but it irritated me enough that I decided I just didn’t want to bother with that comic again.

  2. Did Questionable Content ever find the plot? I stopped reading it some time ago, so I have no idea what “the incident” was. I liked the characters well enough, but there wasn’t any forward motion.
    I used to read Goblins regularly, but it feel apart when Thunt had his mental break. I don’t know if he ever picked up the pieces or recaptured his sense of humor. (I guess this is a passive-aggressive request for information I no longer care enough to directly investigate.)
    Looking For Group is still going strong.
    Freefall is the bee’s knees.
    The Specialists.
    Stand Still Stay Silent.
    Schlock Mercenary.
    Dork Tower

    1. As far as I can tell, QC doesn’t so much have a plot as it just wanders around. It’s like a “cute girls doing cute things” anime where not everyone’s necessarily cute.

      Goblins gets updated, but rarely. Ironically, he hired a colorist–IIRC the same person who does GIrl Genius–to help him produce strips faster, with the goal of getting to one strip a week, but that plan seems to have pretty well crashed and burned, as his pace hasn’t picked up.

      The new colorist has made a dramatic improvement to the artwork, though.

  3. A Girl and Her Fed – Ghosts! Cyborgs! Founding Fathers! Ghost of Founding Fathers working with Cyborgs! And a hyperintelligent talking Koala. Mon/Thu.
    Next Town Over – Western-themed alt universe steampunk/magic. Incredible artwork. Sun.
    The Specialists – WWII Allied superheroes vs. Nazi supervillans. Mon.
    JL8 – DC Comics’ Justice League as *8 year olds*. Brilliant. And it found time for Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn to make an appearance.
    Biweekly or so, whenever Yale Stewart gets around to it.

    Quantum Vibe Libertarian far-future Space Opera. Mon-Fri.

  4. Star Power – Pulpy Space Opera with Plucky Heroine Who Was Granted Superpowers By An Ancient Alien Race. Nice Artwork. Mon-Wed-Fri.

  5. You still reading JL8? Yale’s been on a spate of updates lately after a longish hiatus-y time.


    Wondermark is one I enjoy reading as well. I used to read Dresden Codak but kinda lost track of it because of long delays between updates and an incomprehensible storyline. But The old Hob storyline was a lot of fun

    1. Dresden’s been on a decent run for a while now that his Patreon pushed the “bi-monthly publish” threshold last year. The main story line has just started to come together in the last few pages.

      1. Yeah, I was probably too harsh calling the story line incomprehensible. It was more like each installment would only advance the story incrementally, and they were so far apart, after a while I just lost track of what was happening.


        Maybe I’ll go back and try to make sense of the Dark Science story line. Although one of my first impressions on returning is he seriously needs to set aside some money so he can pay someone for a website that isn’t awful.

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