@bfleuter’s New Webcomic THE BEEKEEPER’S TALE starts August 22nd.

I’ve been waiting a while for this. I still miss THE SWORD INTERVAL. There were more stories in there, I always thought. But THE BEEKEEPER’S TALE should be fun, too.

Quote of the Day, There Is Much About Parenting/Grandparenting In Here edition.

This is from the latest 3 Minute Max, which attempts to explain why updating has been so erratic lately:

Max-the-father had assumed that since he and his wife would be taking time off from work for the new baby, he’d have just oodles of free time to work on the comic. Bob-who-is-now-a-grandfather, grizzled with the experience of age, tried not to laugh directly in his face. And as Bob expected, there was no free time and even less sleep and all Max’s drawing stuff was packed away to make room for baby stuff and nine million relatives dropping by.

However, possibilities are being discussed involving certain grandparents (Bob and wife) who can not only babysit but have plenty of space for Max to set up a drawing area for comic work. So this will be attempted. Max will try bringing over the new offspring, hand her off to doting grandparents, and settle himself down for comic work while Gramps introduces the baby (codename Megumin) to the Path of Explosions.

Grandparents are a precious, precious resource. I so absolutely understand now the appeal of one of those mother-in-law apartments that you see in some houses. Also: Bob writes the comic, Max draws it.  It’s nice to be able to share a hobby like that with your parents.

All right. Time to update the webcomics page this weekend.

You can safely assume that, of the ones listed here from last year, Freefall, Daughter of the Lilies (hoo, yeah), and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal are up on the list. Maybe Questionable Content, as it’s behaved itself since the Incident. Still haven’t decided. Oh, and Sword Interval and Miss Melee.  Sing out if there are others.

Webcomic Watch: Freefall.

If you are not reading Freefall, you should be. Ignore the fact that it has an uplifted wolf as a main character: it is a ridiculously sophisticated hard-SF webcomic that is in the middle of tackling the exceptionally ethically tricky question of sapient rights (both biological and mechanical). In a just world, it’d be syndicated and run in every daily paper.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, at some point I will update the Webcomics Page.

This is the Coolest Thing, for a given value of “Coolest Thing.” @shaenongarrity

Specifically, the Coolest Thing that is at the intersection of Kolchak – The Night StalkerThe X-Files; and Shaenon Garrity’s incredibly fun Monster of the Week webcomic (last link explains the tag line).


I am not saying that you have to be as enthusiastic as I am about Scully dressed as Kolchak; but if you plan to read this site very often then you probably should accept the fact that, yes, this is what I am all about. Continue reading This is the Coolest Thing, for a given value of “Coolest Thing.” @shaenongarrity

“Any day that I don’t learn a new thing…”

“…is a day I wasted my time.”


I actually essentially agree with this.  For example, today I learned a couple of things about the nature of Teflon that should hopefully make it easier for me to maintain my pots for longer without destroying them.  Every little bit helps when it comes to staving off the heat death of the universe.