Three days to go on Mass Effect: Andromeda…

…and we’ve already begun the traditional ‘yelling at Bioware.’  They hate the animation, they hate the sex scenes, they hate the wrong kind of sex scenes, they hate the character creation process… it’s all very exciting.  No, seriously.  It’s not truly a Bioware game unless somebody’s pissing and moaning over every conceivable aspect of it.  And, thanks to the miracle of limited early access, we can experience this marvelous folk custom before the game even comes out!

…Mind you, I largely don’t care about this because we’re getting back something like recognizable skill trees, more generalized characters, and Mako 2.0 the Nomad.  This is what I am here for. I want to wander around and obsessively look for stuff. I’ll be able to get it, starting Tuesday.


  • acemarke says:

    Yeah, I temporarily unsubbed from the /r/masseffect, /r/games, and /r/gaming subreddits a few days ago. I’ve historically played through most CRPGs using a guide so I can 100% things, but if I’m going to go into this game fresh, for once I want to make up my own opinions as I play, not be told what to look for. And yeah, I’d already seen a bunch of headlines complaining about things. So, trying to avoid all further discussion of the game until I’ve had a chance to get a significant way through.

    • acemarke says:

      That said, the “can’t control your squadmates and their powers” thing _does_ concern me. Also the apparent lack of Warp as a power. I mean, how am I supposed to do Singularity+Warp=BOOM! now? THAT WAS THE ONLY CORRECT WAY TO PLAY THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY!!!!

      • Moe_Lane says:

        Like my companions ever really gave me a hand in ME anyway.

        • Luke says:

          Well, in the first one they reliably ran in front of you when you were firing.
          I have to say, I’m a bit disturbed that some vocal people would label my 8 year old a lesbian based on her haircut. (Of course, every women I’ve ever known with that haircut was straight, so I’m kind of wondering if this is a repeat of the innocuous rainbow becoming a political statement. Or if these folks are as batty as they appear.)

  • jeboyle says:

    You’re right Moe; without the high volume whining, it doesn’t feel like a classic Bioware game.

    The more like ME 1 & 2, the better. I played the heck out of those games.

  • junior says:

    Huh. I thought I’d heard that all of the romanceable characters in Andromeda were Ryder-sexual (like they were in DA2). I guess that means that 1.) What I’d heard was wrong, 2.) Cora’s not a romance target, or 3.) Cora makes an exception for a female protagonist.

    In any case, it’s the old Bioware Romance Mafia acting up again. They’re the reason that I always quit dropping by the official forums for the Bioware games. Seeing the front page of the forum covered with ridiculously long threads about how this or that character *MUST* be romanceable by the chosen protagonist gender OR ELSE!!!1! always inevitably made me decide to spend my time elsewhere.

    And, of course, as always, the crowd who tells us to accept diversity once again insists that a square peg *must* fit into a round hole.

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