Just finished Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Overall, I had a good time with this game.  Yes, Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s animation needs hella work.  It’ll be interesting to see if the patch Thursday addresses that; it had better clean up some of the quest bugs in the game, including one mission that I’m quite keen to finish up. But the combat is a lot better and I enjoyed playing a Mass Effect game where I didn’t have a little voice inside my head keep screaming gettheregettheregettherebeforeeverybodydies all the time. It was a bit relaxing, really.

Couple of tips:

  • The level cap is soft, but the Nexus upgrade cap is NOT. Decide which upgrades you want ahead of time.
  • Some people found Liam worthless.  Those people apparently did not play Liam’s loyalty mission, which is hand’s-down the funniest mission in the game.
  • When your companions comment about an encampment, there’s typically something there to look at. Even if it’s just walking XP.
  • Being sarcastic/funny in this game comes across a lot like… well, like being an extremely young kid who has been suddenly given this job and is not entirely certain that she can hack it, so she’s overcompensating.  This works rather well, actually.
  • Don’t jump in the goram blue electrical water. Or any water, really.

All in all: good game, will play again, waiting for DLC.

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  • Aetius451AD says:

    I thought it was quite good overall. The idea is one that grabs me more as I think about the concept: Go on a voyage and it is 600 years later. And if you went back, it would be 1200 years after you left the first time.

    Spoiler thoughts:

    1) You are telling me Turians signed on to the idea that the arks not be armed? Really? Humans? Krogan? Everyone thought this idea was just peachy?
    2) The fights are uneven by type. This is mitigated by the idea that you can shift profile and favorites, but the lag between is kind of annoying and might invalidate your team makeup to exploit it.
    3) Story wise, this was pretty good- although similar in idea to Mass Effect itself. Villain of the game, credible over villain, spunky protagonist. I would have less of an issue with this aside from what they did with Dragon Age (which, while I love the games, have not quite matched the greatness of the story ideas advanced in the first one.)
    4) This game was very similar in feel to the first ME aside from one thing: ME I felt like a movie in how the cut scenes were set up. It was cinematic and space opera like in a way that this one just isn’t. It really worked for Mass Effect. This is not a criticism per se, just different. This had more of a personal feel.
    5) Did they make the planet exploration where you were not setting down actually MORE boring? I was not sure it was possible- although the system exploration is beautiful.

    I have more but do not want to get too far into spoiler territory so soon when people have not had a chance to play and digest for a bit.

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