Prince Jean [600 pt] [GURPS 4e]

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Prince Jean [600 pt]


Appearance: 6 feet tall, regular features. Brown hair/eyes, muscular frame. Real name: Barry Wilson.


ST 20 [50] (ST includes +5 from ‘Extra ST’), DX 15 [100], IQ 14 [80], HT 14 [40]


Languages: French (Native) [6]; Latin (Accented) [4].


Advantages: Appearance (Handsome) [12], Charisma (2) [10], Combat Reflexes [15], Damage Resistance (1) (Flexible; Super) [4*], Danger Sense [15], Daredevil (4) [60], Extra ST (5) (Affects displayed score; Super) [45*], Independent Income (4) [4], Intuition [15], Luck (Ridiculous) [60], Might of the Tiger [49], Regeneration (Regular: 1HP/Hr) [25], Serendipity (1) [15], Status (+3) [10], Trained By A Master [30], Very Fit [15], Voice [10], Wealth (Wealthy) [20]

* = item is owned by another, point value is included in the other item.

Perks: Form Mastery (Spear) [1], Grip Mastery (Two-Handed Sword) [1], Off-Hand Weapon Training (Shortsword) [1], Style Familiarity (Masters of Defence Weapon Training) [1]


Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Chivalry) [-15], Duty (Liege lord) (9 or less (fairly often)) [-5], Enemy (Current Street Gang) (Medium-sized group (6-20 people)) (9 or less) [-20], Honesty (6 or less) [-20], Sense of Duty (Society) (Entire Race) [-15], Vow (Never refuse a request for aid) (Great) [-15]


Quirks: Attentive [-1], Broad-Minded [-1], Expression (Noble) [-1], Habit (Origami) [-1], Likes Ballads [-1]


Packages: Heroic Knight (Basic Set), Masters of Defence Weapon Training (Martial Arts) [0]


Skills: Arm Lock (Wrestling) Tech/A –  14 [0], Armoury/TL7 (Melee Weapons) IQ/A – IQ-1 13 [1], Brawling DX/E – DX+0 15 [1], Broadsword DX/A – DX+2 17 [8], Diplomacy IQ/H – IQ+0 14 [1], Dual-Weapon Attack (Broadsword) Tech/H –  13 [0], Feint (Broadsword) Tech/H –  17 [0], Heraldry IQ/A – IQ-1 13 [1], Hook (Broadsword) Tech/H –  12 [0], Kiai HT/H – HT-2 12 [1], Knife DX/E – DX+0 15 [1], Lance DX/A – DX+2 17 [8], Leadership IQ/A – IQ+2 16 [2], Polearm DX/A – DX-1 14 [1], Power Blow Will/H – Will-2 12 [1], Public Speaking IQ/A – IQ+4 18 [2], Riding (Equines) DX/A – DX+0 15 [2], Savoir-Faire (Western) IQ/E – IQ+0 14 [1], Sex Appeal (Human) HT/A – HT+5 19 [1], Shield (Buckler) DX/E – DX+1 16 [1], Shield (Shield) DX/E – DX+2 17 [4], Shortsword DX/A – DX+0 15 [1], Spear DX/A – DX-1 14 [1], Staff DX/A – DX-1 14 [1], Sweep (Broadsword) Tech/H –  14 [0], Tactics IQ/H – IQ+0 14 [4], Two-Handed Sword DX/A – DX-1 14 [1], Whirlwind Attack (Broadsword) Tech/H –  12 [0], Wrestling DX/A – DX-1 14 [1]


Prince Jean is not exactly delusional.  He will freely admit that only his superhero persona is the son of a king; his civilian identity (Barry Wilson, an amiable and telegenic scion of a very wealthy family) is hardly a secret.  Barry grew up showing virtually no interest in anything not involving medieval chivalry; his family has more or less indulged him in this, particularly after it turned out that he had metahuman abilities. After all, it hardly hurts the family company’s public image to have Prince Jean out there rescuing people from fires and fighting street crime.


Prince Jean’s metahuman abilities mostly manifest as almost offensive amounts of luck.  He’s almost impossible to ambush, always seems to be in the right place at the right time, consistently guesses the correct answer, has an uncanny knack for getting ‘flesh wounds,’ and seems to get harder to hit as the situation gets more and more alarming. He also has a punch that can dent metal and has been extensively trained in medieval sword-and-shield techniques. Prince Jean is potentially extremely dangerous in street-fighting situations, although the superhero has a number of self-imposed rules about the use of lethal force. In more classic combat situations — i.e., ones involving other metahumans — Prince Jean prefers to go up against non-sentient robots and equipment, as it allows him to cut loose (often, literally). The hero’s biggest weakness in combat is probably his lack of an effective ranged attack, although the fact that Prince Jean is not actually bulletproof comes a close second.


Personality-wise, the superhero is very definitely a classic (almost stereotypical) sort, to the point where sometimes people wonder if Prince Jean is faking it a little.  Surprisingly, he’s not.  Society has given Barry a perfectly acceptable excuse to dress up in armor and go right wrongs, and Barry is quite properly grateful to society for allowing him this boon. This laudable humility usually makes up for the fact that fighting alongside Prince Jean is sometimes terrifying, and almost always exasperating.  The hero takes ridiculous risks, constantly; and while he’s apparently immune to the consequences of his behavior, everybody else around him is not.  To be fair, he doesn’t try to endanger his teammates, but it’s still alarming to see a non-brick superhero confidently run into traffic in order to slice the tires of an SUV full of automatic-weapon toting mercenaries.  While the SUV is trying to run him over.  This has happened.


One last thing: when asked about his name, Prince Jean simply explains that ‘Son of King Jean’ is too much of a mouthful. He then waits, expectantly, for somebody to get the joke.  Almost nobody ever does.


The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the In Nomine and GURPS systems from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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