Item: Waybread of the Cruitani.

It’s short, but I like this one.  Short and sweet. And HUNGRY.

Waybread of the Cruitani – Google Docs


Waybread of the Cruitani

Some fantasy nomadic tribes create travel rations that last forever because they’re enchanted to never decay.  Others create eternal rations using secret ingredients and techniques.  Most tribes use the traditional ‘bake it until all the water’s gone’ method.  But the Cruitani have a much more direct technique: they create waybread that lasts by devouring the rest of the travel rations, if you let it.

Before you ask, “What’s the point?” — well, the point is that Cruitani Waybread can eat anything organic that isn’t made out of meat.  Trees, shrubs, poisonous cacti, driftwood, algae scum, ‘night soil;’ the Waybread can subsist on vegetation and waste that people can’t, and it’s utterly harmless to animals.  Best of all, if you’re very careful when ripping a piece off, Cruitani Waybread can last for decades.  It tastes more disgusting when it’s that old, though.  Yes, ‘more’ disgusting: in proud iron ration culinary tradition, Cruitani Waybread is absolutely not something that anybody sane eats for fun.

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