Look, you knew eventually Springsteen would show up in this.

Nebraska, Bruce Springsteen


  • acat says:

    Sooner or later, John Bon Jovi, Lindsey Buckingham, and The Tubes will also show up, I’m not that concerned. When you get to John Cafferty .. might be time to slow down a little.
    All that said .. the interesting thing for The Boss is that he lost control of his mojo for a while .. his music empowered his opponents.
    Seems to this cat that, in a world where music is (literally) magical, it’d be quite a thing to steal your opposite number’s mojo ..
    p.s. Speaking of mojo, do you plan on including Mojo Nixon?

  • AndaO says:


    Highway Patrolman is better. Movie is Indian Runner. Sean Pean’s first movie he directed (pretty sure) Also think he is the fleeing fugitive that gets shot in the opening of the video.
    Vigo Mortesson & David Morse

    Heard Bruce do this in Indy. Nothing is better than blood on blood. Sparked a desire for one more son. which is why I have three today.

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