Gal Gadot sings about her breasts, Chris Pine comes clean on armpit hair controversy.

I thought that I was going to roll my eyes on this one, but Gal Gadot and Chris Pine beat me to it. It would seem that Ms. Gadot is happy to write songs about her breast size (she’s pretty pleased about it*) and Mr. Pine started the entire armpit hair controversy as fodder for his application to a PhD. program.  All in all, this entire clip is pretty funny: it’s what you get when two actors are basking in the glow of knowing that their movie just brought in half a billion in two weeks. I approve.

Moe Lane

PS: Wonder Woman really is a good flick, if you haven’t seen it. And I don’t care what anybody else says: superhero movie fight scenes almost never go on ‘too long.’  I could watch Gadot snap rifles in two and punch through walls for hours.

Yes, that means that all those extended fight scenes are probably all my fault, then. Sorry?

*I strive, of course, to be never so crass as to offer unsolicited comments on a woman’s personal appearance; but, given that she is already demonstrating the possession of a positive self-body image, I feel that I can politely note that Ms. Gadot is indeed a lovely young woman who was easily able to meet the physical requirements of her role as Wonder Woman.

8 thoughts on “Gal Gadot sings about her breasts, Chris Pine comes clean on armpit hair controversy.”

  1. That video makes me like both of those actors more, as people.

    And I would be happy with a River Tam workout video.

    1. Heh. Looking up Chris Pine just now also settled for me the nagging question “Where did I see this guy first?” It was Bottle Shock, which would have gotten better reviews if the critics had only realized that it was a sports movie.

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