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Geek Fu [13/18]


In a world where everybody knows kung fu — like, say, the worlds of ever so many martial arts movies — the martial arts style learned and used by roleplaying geeks would have to be an interesting one indeed.  Geek Fu is a ‘soft’ style: it teaches observation and evasion, not hand strikes. In keeping with it’s not-quite-serious tone, Geek Fu teaches the best way to use a trench coat (Cloak), Doctor Who scarf (Whip), and linked dice bags (Bolas) effectively; practitioners also learn how to throw their dice more, ah, pointedly.

The cinematic version of Geek Fu is accessible to adepts with either Trained by a Master or Weapon Master; there is an almost-friendly rivalry between the two ‘schools’ over the comparatively minor differences in their styles.  This is, of course, handled via random fights and showdowns in convention parking lots across the land.  Just like every other social dispute, controversy, and argument over the bar tab in these kinds of worlds.


Skills: Bolas, Cloak, Judo, Tactics, Throwing, Whip

Optional Skills: Disguise, Observation, Occultism

Maneuvers: Armed Grapple (Cloak), Crack, Disarm (Whip), Evade, Feint (Judo), Sweep

Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength, Pressure Points, Throwing Art

Cinematic Maneuvers: All-out Attack (Whip)

Cinematic Perks: Cotton Stomach


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  1. My master taught me to use my dice bag as a sap. And I will fight to the death anyone who says that’s not the preferred way!

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