Location seed: Anchor Station Medved.

Blame this. Also: The Secret World had an awesomely cool Halloween mission every year that involves radios playing old-style spooky stories in-game, numbers stations, and ghosts. Presumably, so will Secret World Legends.

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Anchor Station Medved


Are you familiar with numbers stations?  They’re legendary among the conspiracy community: radio stations broadcasting nonsense on the shortwave bands, transmitting out gibberish that’s as tantalizing as it’s creepy.  One of the most infamous ones is whatever-the-is MDZhB (or UVB-76) station that the old Soviets (and new Russians) that has been broadcasting since before the end of the Cold War.  The first layer of the onion claims that the station is a caretaker for an espionage resource, which is to be activated in wartime and then used to transmit information that could be decrypted via the use of one-time pads.  At least, that’s what the Russian spy agencies solemnly tell the current Russian regime.  There are more layers to the onion, however.

Among those in the know — which does not include anybody in what might laughingly be called the ‘civilian’ leadership of Russia — this station is actually called Anchor Station Medved, and it’s part of an operation that predates the Soviet Union.  The basic principle is that it, and all the other numbers stations, exists to generate an electromagnetic field that makes it difficult to even see the Earth from certain extra-dimensional angles, let alone drag our planet into a more convenient continuum in order to consume it and its inhabitants’ existing life force.  If this seems to be the sort of task that you’d normally not entrust to Communists, well, that’s true. But the thing about it is this: obviously, the Soviets were profoundly unreliable.  But you can trust Russians.  Specifically, you can trust Russians to be thoroughly functional paranoid sons-of-bitches with a deeply cynical view of life and an almost magical ability at hiding things.
In Anchor Station Medved’s case, the deep mole groups that were inserted into the Russian government long before the Bolshevik takeover were easily in a position to set up the network.  And that’s where the third layer of the onion comes into play: the noises being broadcast are absolutely extraneous to the operation.  The only important consideration is where the stations are physically placed on the Earth. Once the stations were set up, you could blow up their transmission towers and it wouldn’t make any difference for generating the field.  More than one cult has tried to do exactly that kind of sabotage, and paid the price with their lives. Maskirovka at its finest.

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