Item Seed: Healing Mortar Rounds.

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Healing Mortar Rounds


There’s a case (sixty-four count) of these things, and Healing Mortar Rounds (HMRs) work just as advertised: shoot one out of a standard World War 2 8 centimeter Granatwerfer 34 mortar, and the shell will heal everybody within a ten foot radius, wherever it hits. ‘Heal’ is kind of subjective: the energy will close wounds, clean out infections and foreign matter, and repair minor breaks, but if your arm has gotten blown off the best one of these things can do is heal over the stump.  Still, the mortar rounds reliably work.

They’re the only ones still in existence, too.  The project that created the HMR was scrubbed so thoroughly out of existence that most researchers won’t even be able to find out what the Germans originally called HMRs. The OSS detachment in charge of such scrubbing not only survived the dissolution of its parent agency; it’s still in operation, and is quite efficiently paranoid about any attempts to remember the original HMR project, let alone recreate it.  If they catch somebody using one — knowingly or not — things get very exciting, very quickly.


As to why the OSS is so thorough about suppressing HMRs?  Well. The mortar shells were developed by a secret World War 2 Axis Germany research facility.  I’m sure that those context clues will help you figure out just how these items got made.  Or you could simply use the Second Sight on one of the mortar shells. …Healing magic is not supposed to crawl and ooze like that, frankly.


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