Reminder: WashingCon this weekend.

I’m going to be largely incommunicado Saturday and Sunday, and Friday I’m going to be busy throwing together the stuff for the two WashingCon games that I said that I’d run.  …Which I’m starting to wish I hadn’t volunteered for, or at least picked different game systems.  I could run In Nomine or GURPS in my sleep, after all.

Oh, well, at least I had the mother-wit to not go for overly convoluted. I have character sheets, I have dice, I have GM screens to hide behind, and I have the best advice possible for this kind of situation: “When in doubt, improvise.” After all, the goal here is not to break to my will a bunch of people I’ve never met before and probably won’t again. My job is to get a collaborative story going that people enjoy and that clocks in at just under four hours. I suppose that it’s good that it feels challenging; goodness knows I need more real-life stuff in my, erm, life.


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