The Marvel’s Runaways trailer.

I keep asking myself about whether maybe I should pick up Hulu. It does have stuff that I want to see. Maybe what I really want is an all-streaming network service where Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and a couple smaller streamers offered me a bulk deal on all of them.  Hey!  They could also bundle in the Big Three networks.

Yes, I know that I’m describing cable television.  The thing is, I don’t need sixty million channels and I don’t even need sixty. I’d like the three network channels, the three I’ve just mentioned, and I guess Fox/CW. And a stream-only version of PBS. Everything else is ‘meh.’

Right. Moving along, here’s the Marvel’s Runaways trailer. It looks promising enough….


  • Daniel Wallace says:

    Also premiering on Hulu, Future Man

  • Luke says:

    If you add Hulu, spend the extra couple bucks to get it ad free.
    I was against the added expense, but I now have to agree that it’s very much worth it.
    Try the free trial. See if it’s worth it to you. Thirty days should be more than enough to make an informed decision.

    • BigGator5 says:

      I find it stupid to have a two-tier pay service. That’s why I just have Netflix.

      • Luke says:

        They have very little content in common. Hulu tends to be better for shows, Netflix for movies.
        I tend to watch a lot more Hulu than Netflix.
        Eh. I get it, but Netflix+Hulu+Amazon is less than half of the cost of cable.

        • acat says:

          I really *really* should run the numbers on this ..
          Cable+Internet come in over the same wire, so I’d have to compare the “just Internet” plus Netflix plus Hulu …
          Honestly, the thing that scares me most is teaching Mrs. Cat how to use the remote .. she *gets* cable and DVR .. but balks at using “on demand” to find shows that the DVR didn’t record.

        • Moe_Lane says:

          My wife is cheap about this sort of thing, so she asks *questions* about why we need new shinies. Amazon video comes with Prime, so that’s safe; and Netflix for Kids allows us absolute control over what shows the kids watch on TV. Hulu I need a good excuse for. 🙂

          • Luke says:

            Being able to watch most major TV shows at your leisure, without commercials, a DVR, or the expense of cable would be the high points of my sales pitch.
            Of course, YMMV.
            When we cut the cord, the only thing I missed were live sports. But my wife practically went through DTs. She couldn’t just turn on the TV and mindlessly flip through channels. She had to decide what service she wanted, and what she wanted to watch on it. Often, she decided that doing so was too much bother. (Which I’m assured is bad.)

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