The “Pacific Rim 2: Uprising” trailer.

I’m pleased to see that Legendary Pictures still has access to my inner 9 year old, because… yeah. That’s what he wanted to see. More robots, more monsters, sinister zaibatsu executives, betrayal, giant guns, OH MY GOD IS THAT WHAT HIS FIST IS — this is geared to be the absolute least guiltiest of pleasures.  And why isn’t it a guiltier pleasure?  Because I deserve to have movies like Pacific Rim 2: Uprising. I’m allowed to have nice things.


  • junior says:

    I suspect that the “zaibatsu” in this case are actually Chinese. The cast list shows some Chinese names, but only one Japanese name – Rinko Kikuchi, of course.

    Speaking of whom, her seeming absence from the trailer seems a bit conspicuous.

  • Luke says:

    I might just have to see that in the theater.
    In IMAX.
    Really crappy music, though.

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