Gun Ho Lee [GURPS 4e].

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Gun Ho Lee [600 pt]
Race: Korean monster

Attributes [278]: ST 15 [50], DX 15 [100], IQ 12 [40], HT 14 [40], HP 16 [2], FP 16 [6], Basic Speed 9.25 [40]

Social Background
TL: 8 [0]

Cultural Familiarities: Western [1].
Languages: English (Native) [6].

Advantages [314]: Alternate Form (Human) (Cosmetic) [8], Business Acumen (3) [30], Charisma (1) [5], Claws (Sharp Claws) [5], Combat Reflexes [15], Damage Resistance (8) [40], Recovery [10], Regeneration (Fast: 1HP/Min) [50], Regrowth [40], Resistant (Metabolic Hazards) (Very Common) (Immunity) [30], Status (+3) [10]*, Teeth (Sharp Teeth) [1], Unaging (Age Control) [18], Very Fit [15], Wealth (Very Wealthy) [30]

*Includes: +1 from ‘Wealth.’

Perks [1]: Alcohol Tolerance [1]

Disadvantages [-55]: Secret (Shapeshifted monster that eats people) (Possible Death) [-30], Sense of Duty (Korea) (Large Group) [-10], Vow (May not return to heaven until 100 aristocrats consumed.) (Great) [-15]

Quirks [-5]: Attentive [-1], Broad-Minded [-1], Congenial [-1], Imaginative [-1], Responsive [-1]

Skills [67]: Accounting IQ/H – IQ+3 15 [4]**, Acting IQ/A – IQ+2 14 [8], Administration IQ/A – IQ+4 16 [4]**, Climbing DX/A – DX-1 14 [1], Diplomacy IQ/H – IQ+0 12 [4], Finance IQ/H – IQ+3 15 [4]**, Judo DX/H – DX+1 16 [8], Karate DX/H – DX+1 16 [8], Market Analysis IQ/H – IQ+3 15 [4]**, Mathematics/TL8 (Statistics) IQ/H – IQ+0 12 [4], Merchant IQ/A – IQ+3 15 [2]**, Research/TL8 IQ/A – IQ+1 13 [4], Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ/E – IQ+2 14 [4], Stealth DX/A – DX+2 17 [8]

**Includes: +3 from ‘Business Acumen.’


Actually, Gun Ho Lee by now identifies himself using his human name. His original name — the one before his exile from Heaven — was remarkably close, anyway. Why fuss over a relative trifle?


Gun Ho Lee is the entity that inspired Yeongno, a monster found in Korean drama who eats evil aristocrats. The legend has it that Yeongno could not return to Heaven until he consumed a hundred of them — and the legend was actually true; it could not.  Which made the eventual and tacit overthrow of the Korean nobility after World War II somewhat awkward, as Gun Ho Lee had not actually gotten around to eating its quota of bad aristocrats yet. You know how it goes: the corporeal plane of existence has so many interesting diversions, and before you know it: you’ve missed some critical deadlines.  What can one do?


Well, Gun Ho Lee did what many sensible people at loose ends did: it went to America. Doing so was admittedly tricky, but accomplished via a convenient marriage to a Japanese-American nurse. Once in America, Gun Ho went on to the next part of his plan, which was… to get heavily involved in the California banking sector, with a particular emphasis on working with aerospace industry to finance their expansion. Gun Ho Lee never ran its own bank, did not become filthy rich, and certainly did not regularly make the papers, but it did quite well for himself. Its wife died in 2006, and its (adopted) children are themselves well-set up grandparents at this point, so Gun Ho Lee sees no real reason not to fake its death at some point in the very near future. It’s certainly got enough money to set itself up somewhere else under a new identity.


Why? Well, Gun Ho Lee is more or less waiting.  You see, while it is a remarkably civil, polite, and even benevolent monster who has no qualms about eating people it still has no qualms about eating people.  It’s been extremely careful about this habit: in America, Gun Ho only indulged itself once, and that was a drug-addled burglar who broke into its house and pointed a gun at Gun Ho’s wife when confronted.  Gun Ho would never have been convicted if it had simply killed the man; so why should people quibble about a post-mortem snack? Humans are nice, but weird. And the ‘weird’ gets more and more noticeable, over time.


So, the monster would like to go Home to Heaven — only, there’s that ‘eat 100 aristocrats’ problem. The people with noble titles who currently live in South Korea don’t really qualify, as almost none of them really count as evil aristocrats; and, as an Argentine business trip / working brunch in 1974 unfortunately established, only evil Korean aristocrats count.  Gun Ho Lee simply has no other alternative except to wait until some government on the Korean peninsula brings back a hereditary aristocracy.


Which means that it will need a new identity, because the one Gun Ho Lee has now has already gone well past the ‘elderly’ stage, and is now approaching ‘venerable.’ Possibly the new identity should have something to do with politics? Or maybe something involving a nice, influential NGO; that might be good for increasing societal pressure.  Certainly the North Korean regime is about halfway to a formal absolute monarchy already…


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