Tweet of the Day, Wonder Woman *Should* Fly An A-10 edition.

Surely somebody should have had this thought already.

I mean, the A-10 is practically a cartoon version of a plane as it is. It swoops in to do close air support, it’s essentially a mobile platform for a 30mm rotary cannon firing depleted uranium bullets, and it flies away from damage that would shred a lesser plane. I hesitate to suggest that Wonder Woman should fly anything that’s less awesome than a Warthog.

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  1. Awesome is the word alright. Did you know that USAF R&D actually sent someone to Uruguay to talk to Hans Rudel, the Luftwaffe’s leading tank killer in WWII (Eastern Front) to find out what a plane like that needed to be?

    A buddy of mine in college had a brother who worked for GE on that 30 mm cannon; he used to send his sibling spent rounds (not Depleted Uranium) to use as paper weights.

    1. The Germans went so far as to mount a 75mm cannon on one of their ground attack planes. Now they weren’t able to build that many of that particular plane. And firing the gun more than a couple of times quickly tended to cause the plane to stall. But you’ve gotta admit it’s still pretty cool.

  2. I, for one, would actually go SEE the stupid JL movie if they had this.

    Darkseid: HAHA! Puny mortals, it is I, DARKSEID! No weapon of yours can hurt me….


    Darkseid: Oh, Jiminy Christmas! Okay, we gotta rethink this. Can someone pick up my arm, please?

    1. There were some unfortunate jokes made in various YT comment threads about that sound. My guilty favorite:

      USAF: Knock knock.
      Terrorists: Who’s there?

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