Tweet of the Day, Wonder Woman *Should* Fly An A-10 edition.

Surely somebody should have had this thought already.

I mean, the A-10 is practically a cartoon version of a plane as it is. It swoops in to do close air support, it’s essentially a mobile platform for a 30mm rotary cannon firing depleted uranium bullets, and it flies away from damage that would shred a lesser plane. I hesitate to suggest that Wonder Woman should fly anything that’s less awesome than a Warthog.


  • BigGator5 says:

    If only she got a GAU-8 Avenger too.

  • jeboyle says:

    Awesome is the word alright. Did you know that USAF R&D actually sent someone to Uruguay to talk to Hans Rudel, the Luftwaffe’s leading tank killer in WWII (Eastern Front) to find out what a plane like that needed to be?

    A buddy of mine in college had a brother who worked for GE on that 30 mm cannon; he used to send his sibling spent rounds (not Depleted Uranium) to use as paper weights.

    • junior says:

      The Germans went so far as to mount a 75mm cannon on one of their ground attack planes. Now they weren’t able to build that many of that particular plane. And firing the gun more than a couple of times quickly tended to cause the plane to stall. But you’ve gotta admit it’s still pretty cool.

  • ScottWMinMA says:

    I, for one, would actually go SEE the stupid JL movie if they had this.

    Darkseid: HAHA! Puny mortals, it is I, DARKSEID! No weapon of yours can hurt me….


    Darkseid: Oh, Jiminy Christmas! Okay, we gotta rethink this. Can someone pick up my arm, please?

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