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Werspeer [19/23]

This martial art first appeared in medieval combat instruction manuals; and it disappeared there, too.  Many scholars think that Werspeer was an elaborate practical joke; rather more think that it’s a 17th Century forgery. Certainly it’s not currently practiced, except for the inevitable hobbyists.

Werspeer purported to be a martial style primarily to be used against werewolves — the pamphlet illustrations are remarkably forthright about that — and assumed a group of shield-carrying fighters armed with specialized spears and crossbows. The basic technique was to immobilize the ‘werewolf’ with their spears, allowing a crossbowman to shoot the target safely.  Werspeer fighters were, according to the books, expected to extensively train and fight together.

Interestingly, heavy armor was limited to shields and helmets.  The pamphlets assume that a Werspeer fighter will be spending large parts of an extended battle getting up after being tossed around, and teaches techniques accordingly.  Werspeer is also a remarkably brutal martial art, even by the flexible standards of medieval German warfare. Modern Werspeer recreationists have to significantly tone down their practice sessions to avoid serious injury.

The cinematic version of Werspeer assumes that werewolves exist, and are generally faster and stronger than regular humans. It provides some techniques to counter that.


Skills: Brawling, Crossbow, Shield, Spear. Many adepts are also familiar with other melee weapons.

Maneuvers: Close Combat (Spear), Counterattack (Spear), Feint (Spear), Ground Fighting (Spear), Head Butt (Brawling), Kicking (Brawling), Knee Strike (Brawling), Low Fighting (Spear), Retain Weapon (Spear), Reverse Grip (Spear), Sweep (Spear).

Cinematic Skills: Kiai, Mental Strength, Power Blow.

Cinematic Maneuvers: Timed Defense (Spear).

Perks: Grip mastery (Spear), Shield-Wall Training, Teamwork (Werspeer).


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