Leveler (VH) [GURPS 4e]

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Leveler (VH) Enchantment

Missiles imbued with this spell seek out individuals with the Destiny advantage or disadvantage. If someone with either passes within 2 hexes of the missile while it is in flight, the missile will curve to strike him.  This attack hits automatically, ignores all DR, and does maximum damage +3 (roll randomly for hit location).  If nobody with Destiny is present, the missile does normal damage for its type and the enchantment is broken.

This spell can easily kill someone. At the 5 point advantage level (and all disadvantage levels), that can occur without real repercussions: it gets trickier with higher levels. If this spell is used to sabotage a 10 or 15 pt Destiny advantage via killing its target, the Destiny seems to go to someone else.

The exact mechanisms underlying this spell are poorly understood by the public, or even casual occultists.  Most people who commission a Leveler missile believe that they are acquiring an assassination tool; the groups that do have an institutional knowledge of Leveler can and cannot do tend to also be groups that hate the concept of ‘Destiny’ and ‘Chosen Ones’ in the first place.  Even those groups largely do not understand the tendency of Leveler to merely reassign Destiny, rather than destroy it.


Energy Cost to Cast: 3,500.

Prerequisites: Accuracy, Bane, Penetrating Weapon, Puissance.


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